Technique: Stakeholder Nomination

Why use this technique?

The stakeholder nomination technique can help a business analyst coming up with an initial list of stakeholders to take up his first business analysis activities. It is mostly used in preparation for the requirements elicitation.

How to use it?

Ask a key stakeholder in your project (e.g. project sponsor) to nominate who shall be involved during the requirements elicitiation (other managers/ departments /system owners).

Usage tips:

  • This technique works best when used in a hierarchical way. Start with a project  sponsor. He will nominate others, whom you will ask again the same question resulting in further nominations.
  • Quality of  nominations depends on who nominates the stakeholder and  can be insufficient. It is advisable to use “Stakeholders nomination” in combination with other techniques.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Simple and easy-to-use,
  • Nominated stakeholders are cooperative as they usually received a green light from his manager to participate in the project.


  • Quality of nomination depends on who nominates the stakeholders,
  • Nominations can be subjective (nomination of people sympathetic to the ideas of nominator),
  • There is a risk that the focus will be put on internal stakeholders only.

Complementary to stakeholder nomination you may use the following techniques:

What to know more on this technique? Check it out at: BCS Business Analysis techniques

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