Technique: Stakeholder-Influence Matrix

Why use this technique?

Stakeholder influence diagrams indicate how the stakeholders on a power/interest grid influence one another. This technique can help to determine the key stakeholders, decisions makers. Knowing that allows targeting the key influencers so that you can win support you need to reach your project objective. Alternative name for this technique is: Actor-Influence Diagrams

How does it work?

  • Create a power/interest grid (check here for more instruction)
  • For each stakeholder on the grid suggest lines of influence from one stakeholder to another.
  • Brainstorm about which influence relationships exist, which are most important and what the primary direction of influence is. Discuss the results and implications of the resulting diagram, including identifying who the most influential or central stakeholders are.


Example of a Stakeholder Influence Matrix

Usage tips:

  • Two-way influences are possible, but you should attempt to identify the primary direction in which influence flows between stakeholders.
  • The thick­ness of the line can be used to represent the strength of the relationship.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • It helps to discover what the real influencers are and tackles indirect aspects as well.


  • Can be subjective
  • To benefit must be performed on regular basis, because stakeholders’ influence can change.

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