Technique: Stakeholder Map

Why use this technique?

This technique helps you collecting details about the identified stakeholders. It also helps in setting up strategies how to change the position of the stakeholder on the power/interest matrix. This technique is also known as Stakeholder management planning.

How to use it?

Create a table capturing details about the stakeholders presented on the Power/ Interest matrix. The recommended fields are:

  • name of a stakeholder,
  • role in the organization,
  • current level of interest,
  • current level of power,
  • current attitude,
  • desired attitude,
  • ways to communicate,
  • motivation and comments.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Compact way to capture details about the stakeholders


  • Redundant information: it is required to  make the stakeholder map consistent with a (possibly) changing Power/Interest matrix

Alternatively it is possible to use a RACI matrix.

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