British Computer Society (BCS)

British Computer Society (visit BCS website) is the Chartered Institute for IT. It champions the global IT profession and the interests of individuals engaged in that profession for the benefit of all. The Institute fosters links between experts from industry, academia and business to promote new thinking, education and knowledge sharing. BCS offers a wide range of Professional Qualifications in:

  • Project Management and Support – Certifications at various levels that will provide you with the principles of project management, including planning, monitoring and control, change management, and risk management.
  • Business Analysis – A comprehensive range of business analysis certifications enabling IT professionals at all levels to enhance their skills.
  • IS Consultancy Practice – Organisations are increasingly relying upon the support of specialist IS consultants to help in all aspects of their business.
  • Agile – Agile methodology can be used to deliver high-quality projects against rapidly changing requirements utilising cross departmental teams.
  • Solution Development and Architecture – certifications include analysis, modelling, design, implementation and architecture of efficient and effective IT systems.
  • Software Testing – Software Testing certification is available at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels to support software testing professionals educational requirements at each stage of their career path.
  • IT Service Management – The Institute offers a full portfolio of IT Service Management Certifications including the ITIL® framework, Kepner Tregoe® and our own Specialist Certifications in IT Service Management.
  • Software Asset Management – Software asset management certifications address the complexity of this key business practice and provide software asset managers with the skills to implement and maintain an effective SAM programme.
  • IT Governanace & Information Security – BCS Professional Certifications in this area cover a range of aspects of Information Security with a particular emphasis on managing risk.
  • Data Centre Management – The Institute has developed two certificates that enable successful candidates to play a crucial role in delivering an effective efficiency  and cost control strategy for their data centre.
  • Green and Sustainable IT – It is time for IT professionals and organisations to equip themselves    with the knowledge and skills required to deliver energy efficient  and   sustainable IT.


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