Welcome to this blog on Requirements Techniques. I am a business analist in the Netherlands.  After some consideration I have decided to start this blog about requirements techniques for two reasons:

  • as a practitioner Business Analyst I looked for a clear overview of available techniques which can help me in my work. However there are plenty of books on requirements, information on techniques is scattered around and difficult to extract. Not finding what I was looking for, I have decided to create and to maintain my list, which I present to you in a form of this blog.
  • during my consultancy assignments I also noticed that my clients usually select requirements techniques based on their personal preference. They choose techniques they know very well and are confident about instead of selcting these the most suitable for the task at hand. That’s why when describing the requirements techniques I focus on their advantages and disadvantages as well as usage tips.

This is a blog which will be continuously updated and extended. It does not have a complete overview of all techniques at this moment, but I hope it will have it over time. Anyway, Rome was not built in one day, right? I have to start somewhere, so I choose to begin with Stakeholder Identification and Analysis. Other sections will follow. If you want to get updates, please register to this blog by clicking at a RSS feed icon.