BCS Practitioner Diploma in Business Analysis

The BCS International (Practitioner) Diploma in Business Analysis offers Business Analysts continuous development throughout their career. It’s built up from four modules:

  • two of them are mandatory for Business Analysts: Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis Practice.
  • two modules are selective and a candidate can choose from a couple of options.

Diploma in Business Analysis

The table below lists the options for Knowledge specialism and Practitioner specialism, from which a delegate can choose from:

Knowledge Specialism Practitioner Specialism
Foundation in Business Analysis Benefits Management and Business Acceptance
Business Change Modelling Business Processes
Commercial Awareness System Modelling Techniques
Systems Development Essentials

More information about these modules can be found here.

Diploma in Business Analysis

A delegate can exchange his 4 certificates into a Diploma in Business Analysis through an oral exam. It is a 50 minutes interview with 2 BCS examinators based on the oral syllabus. Please find more information here.

Expert BA Certification
It is a very new certification consisting of an application, project assignment, interview assessment and continued professional development. The Expert BA Award is designed to recognise the highest levels of capability. Please find more information here.

Source: www.bcs.org

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