Writing system documentation is like planning a family.
If you make a mistake you have to live with it for 20 years.

Richard Marshall, Software Engineer

Documenting requirements is a supportive activity during the requirements elicitation, when the “raw” requirements are trawl from stakeholders during the requirements analysis, or when the requirements are “polished” and extended/ clarified with all types of models, and finally during the requirements validation when we check the documented requirements whether they describe what the stakeholders really want to be delivered.

Depending on the phase in which requirements are documented different techniques can be used:

  • a mind map is a fantastic technique to structure and organize requirements in the early elicitation,
  • a class diagrams can be useful during the requirements analysis,
  • requirements templates can improve dramatically the quality and understandability of the requirements.

When we write down requirements, they shall fulfil criteria of “good” requirements. It means a requirement shall be:

Click on each characteristic to get more information on how to fulfil it and why it is important.

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