International Institute of Business Analysis

International Institute of Business Analysis (visit IIBA website) has been established on October 29, 2003 in Toronto, Canada with 28 founding members from 21 different organizations. It is a community for Business Analysts set up to professionalize the Business Analysis and to offer a platform for BA’s to grow in their profession. IIBA publishes the Business Analysis Body of Knowlegde (BABoK) the framework for Business Analysis established by leaders in the field of BA.

IIBA provides currently two certificates for Business Analysts:

  • Certified Business Analysis Professional, CBAP, (introduced in 2006), and
  • Certification in Competency in Business Analysis, CCBA, introduced in 2011.
IIBA decided for exclusivity of her CBAP certification. It means that candidates has to meet (1) high application requirements and (2) pass a difficult exam. These application requirements are difficult to meet to most of business analysts, therefore IIBA has introduced the CCBA recognision It is meant for those with less BA experience who want to put first steps towards the CBAP certification.
The table below summarises the application requirements for CBAP and CCBA:
The exams of IIBA are based completely on BABoK. A candidate is asked to answer 150 multi choice questions in 3 hours. According to the CCBA CBAP Study Guide (ISBN: 978-0-470-93290-2) a question breakdown looks like following:
CBAP_CCBA_Question Breakdown.PNG
In Q3 2016 IIBA will publish a new certification scheme.
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