Stakeholder wheel

Why use this technique?

The stakeholder wheel is a technique that helps us identifing stakeholders through analysing major groups of stakeholders. It can be used to cross check your already created stakeholder list against the generic stakeholder groups to identify any missing ones.

How to use it?

The stakeholder  wheel helps to identify different groups of stakeholders. British Computer  Society (BCS) has identified the following groups: owners / managers /  employees / supervisors / suppliers / partners / customers / competitors.

Step 1: Decide what categories of the stakeholders are relevant for your project.

Step 2: Identify stakeholders in categories which are applicable to your project.

Step 3: Review your stakeholder list.


  • To  identify stakeholders within each category, the analyst may use alternative  techniques
  • Within each category several stakeholders could be identified , eg. suppliers  stakeholder group can contain different types of suppliers like IT services,  food, cleaning.
  • Sometimes one stakeholder can fall into two or more categories. Let’s assume a project within a bank. Another bank is seen often as a competitor,but if a certain application is built in cooperation with this bank, they are a partner too.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Systematic,  structured approach
  • Helps to identify the external stakeholders


  • May take a lot of  time to develop

Alternatively of complementing you may use

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